Introduction to Exploration Geophysics with Recent Advances (IEGRA) by the Bivrost authors Martin Landrø and Lasse Amundsen is a unique text which gives an introduction to geophysics and geophysical exploration methods, including seismics, electromagnetics, gravimetry and magnetometry. It demonstrates how the long-term achievements of acousticians and geoscientists have paved the way for our modern science. It presents many data examples of how geophysics is used to look into the earth. With relatively simple text and explanations, the following topics are covered:

1. Looking into the Earth

2. Elements of Seismic Surveying

3. Marine Seismic Sources and Sounds in the Sea

4. Reservoir Monitoring Technology

5. Broadband Seismic Technology

6. Gravity and Magnetics

7. Supercomputers for Beginners

8. Gas Hydrates

9. Dwelling on the Mysteries of Space

IEGRA preview

It discusses the important discoveries that have led the way, culminating in mind-boggling and fascinating questions at the cutting edge of physics today. The book will be of interest not only to geoscientists, but also to high school students and graduate students in the physical and engineering sciences. It will also serve as a valuable reference for the many laymen throughout government, academia and industry who want to better understand the history and science behind Exploration Geophysics.