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From Arrhenius to CO2 Storage
In a series of articles, we will discuss in simple terms how CO2 might be stored in the subsurface to mitigate or reduce the amount of it emitted to the atmosphere. Geoscience will play an important role in this mitigation process. Read here!

Marine Vibroseis
In a series of articles we review the current state of Marine Vibroseis Technology. Read here!

Finite-Difference Methods for Wave Equations
Finite-Difference (FD) methods are the dominant approach to numerical solutions of partial differential equations. For wave equations solved in seismics, the FD method is accurate and robust. Learn more by reading here!

Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning
Once, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was science fiction. Today, it is part of our everyday lives. In the future, will computers begin to think for themselves? Read our articles here!

GEO Tour
After the American adventurer and author Mark Twain visited Mauritius in 1896 he quoted an islander as saying: «Mauritius was made first and then Heaven; and Heaven copied Mauritius.» Read our story: Mauritius – and Beneath.

Mysteries of Universe
Read Kosmos-Christine’s Four Beautiful and Inspiring Short Stories About Universe:

Universet på tre minutter: Jorda er menneskenes hjem i universet. Men hvordan ble alt sammen til – og hvor ender det?

Hvordan jorda fikk den perfekte tomta: Jorda hadde vanvittig flaks da den overlevde den kaotiske starten på vårt solsystem.

Slik bli det liv, rai -rai: Er vi alene, eller er det noen der ute?

Universet forteller om menneskets plass: Når vi ser ut i universet forstår vi hvor utrolig fantastisk – og skjørt – livet på jorda er.